5-Day Set Meal Plan B - $62.50/pax (Min 2 pax)

5-Day Set Meal Plan B - $62.50/pax (Min 2 pax)

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Oriental Style with Farro Rice 

Tomato Egg Omelette

Long Bean saute with garlic & carrots

Balinese Grilled Seabass

Chicken Herbal Soup


Oriental Style with Jasmine rice

Steamed mackerel fish otah

Baby Kailan with shimeiji mushroom

Drunken Chicken Roulade

Potato, Carrots & Tomato Soup


Oriental Style with Japanese rice

Oden ( japanese fishcake, beancurd stew in dashi broth)

Miso Ginger Salmon Fillet

Yasai Itame ( Saute mix vegetables)

Seaweed Tofu Soup


Oriental Style with Brown rice

Curried cauliflower, chickpea with californian raisin

Ayam Pengyet ( Chicken )

Coriander Egg Omelette

Napa Cabbage Soup


Oriental Style with Jasmine rice

Salt & Pepper Chicken

Prawn in tomato sauce

Loh Han chye (braised cabbage stew)

Mock Shark Fin Melon Soup


1. Minimum is 2 pax. Select the Qty based on the no.of pax required for this 5-day Meal. 

2. Please note that 5 days delivery fee of $15 ($3 per day) to same address applies. Upon check out, please select Contactless Delivery (per 5-day Meal) under the Shipping method.

3. If you wish to order more than 5 days of set meal, please contact us directly so that we will process for you accordingly. Call us or whatsapp us at 92231252 or 62803389. 

4. As we are using glass ware as food containers, please handle with care. There will be a replacement cost of $5/container if there is any damage to the food container.